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Mission Statement

Our Mission
M.A.C.L.C. is a specialized Club of Lions Clubs International, committed to the Advocacy, Celebration, Support and Service of our Autistic Community.


■ ACCEPT/INSPIRE: We strive for an inclusive society that understands, accepts, respects and recognizes the needs, challenges, value and achievements of neurodivergant individuals.

■ SERVE: We strive to prioritize service and support to our immediate Montreal Autistic Community, the needs of those within our Club members lives, within their families’ lives and the lives of those individuals and organizations that support and serve them.

■ ENRICH/EMPOWER: We strive to improve and empower the lives of all those affected by Autism and inspire the society and environments in which they live to appreciate, adapt and welcome the enriching value neurodivergent inclusion contributes to a better society and community.

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